6 Reasons your church needs an app

6 Reasons your church needs an app

2. Increase giving opportunities

Online giving keeps growing within the church. In fact, 39% of young Christians claim to give once a month to a church online. If you are accepting tithes and donations, don’t you want to give your church members an opportunity to give in a way that makes them feel most comfortable?

Millennials don’t carry cash and checks. They enjoy the simple, digital experience of splitting bills by using apps like Square Cash and Venmo.

When it comes to giving, people have preferences. Your church needs to make sure you meet everyone’s giving preferences or you’ll be leaving tithes on the table. With a mobile app, sending a push notification at the end of the year to meet the budget is one of many simple, effective ways to increase a giving opportunity. With the right platform, you can even have a push notification sent when users enter your church, reminding them to give.

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