6 Reasons your church needs an app

6 Reasons your church needs an app

3. Create some excitement within your church

In my church, we launched an app and within the week, someone emailed the senior pastor and said that she had been thinking about leaving our church. However, after we had announced the new app that previous Sunday morning, she decided to stick around to see what other changes we might make.

New and different is exciting and you should never stop seeking to have some excitement going on in your church. For small and medium-sized churches, new and exciting doesn’t have to come with big expenses. There are several church app platforms that are incredibly affordable.



4. One, simple place to keep sermon and teaching resources

Bookshelves in the Chirst Church College Library

Imagine a place where sermon notes, videos, and podcasts live in one convenient location and are accessible at your fingertips. Amazing, right? Now imagine that the device that holds all that information is with you 24/7.

Well, it already is, IF you have a custom mobile app for your church. Good church app platforms contain all kinds of wonderful features that your church can benefit from. Laudate, for example, is a free Catholic church app and it has an extensive database of prayers, readings, sacraments, special rosaries, the liturgical calendar, every version of the Catholic Bible, and more.

One of the best parts about a good church app isn’t the features, though. It’s the fact that all of these features are so easily accessible by launching an app on your mobile device with the touch of a button.

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